Thursday, February 23, 2012

VMobile myTURF Program


How do I earn through the myTURF program?
There are 2 ways to earn.

  1. When you enroll others to myTURF program
    • (SSO) Subscription Sales
    • You earn from enrolling others into the myTURF program
  2. When people consume myTURF products  
    • (PR) Patronage Reward
    • You earn 1% when everyone loads them self myTURF products

How do you sign up to the myTURF program?
The 1st way to earn is by enrolling others into the program.

  1. As a Technopreneur you can sell the 20 Technouser cards you have, for P250 each.
    • P250 direct endorsement (1st level) 
    • P40 indirect endorsement 2nd to 8th level (SSO)
    • P20 indirect endorsement 9th level to infinity (SSO)
  2. As a Technouser you can sign up other Technousers through SMS. You need to have Php300 loadwallet to do this.
    • Every TechnoUser can sign-up 10 TechnoUsers
    • P50 direct endorsement (1st level) (SSO)
    • P20 indirect endorsement 2nd to 8th level (SSO)
How do I register?
  • Log in to using a Technouser ID, click sign up Technopreneur fill up the form and submit. The system will give you an ID number and pik if the registration is succesful.
    • SMS registration command
    • Send to your gateway number. Enrollee will receive notification via SMS indicating Account Number and PIK. P50 balance is automatically credited to the new account. TechnoUser account will be debited P250 for the P300 fee.

What will happen when my downlines miss to purchase the required myTURF products?
  • myTURF employs Dynamic Compression to ensure that you earn on ALL levels of consumer network under your account. This feature ensures that there is no ‘breakage’ of commission payout.
How do I know who is my 1st level and 2nd level, 3rd level, etc...?
  • All Techpreneurs you directly signed up under myLX program will fall under your 1st level.
  • All Technousers tagged to your account are also your 1st level.
  • Referrals of the people under your 1st level will fall on your 2nd level and so on....
  • They also have to consume myTURF products to qualify to the myTURF program.
Can I sell myTURF products?
  • You can but you won't make any profit. You should use it to qualify for the myTURF earnings. myTURF is not intended for selling but for consuming.
Can a Technouser in myTURF sell regular products?
  • Yes any Technouser or Technopreneur can do myTURF and also do LoadXtreme

How do I qualify?
  • You need to consume myTURF products
    • P100 for 10 day's and Php300 qualifies for 30 days of myTURF earnings
    • Apollo toothpaste qualifies for 30 days
    • Cefadin Vitamin C qualifies for 45 days
NOTE: To activate encashment, transfer, and convert to loadwallet facility you need to buy the one time activation kit which is Apollo toothpaste or Cefadin.

What are the myTURF products?
    • Smart Buddy 
    • Globe Autoloadmax
    • Sun Express 
  • WELLNESS PRODUCTS (these products can be used by postpaid users for the QP instead of prepaid load)
    • Apollo
    • Cefadin
Should I use the same products codes?
  • No. myTURF products has it's own products codes.
      • globe P100 TURFG100X 
      • smart P100 TURFS100X
      • smart P300 TURFS300X
      • smart P500 TURFS500X
      • sun P100 TURFSU100X
      • sun P300 TURFSU300X
      • sun P500 TURFSU500X
Do the days accumulate?
  • Yes they do, meaning you could load P3000 myTURF and qualify for 10 months of earnings.
Where do I see my earnings?
  • Log in to myLX and then click on the myTURF link. If you are a Technouser, you can only login to myLX when you have Technouser downlines.
What are the features of the myturf products?
  • They have the same features as the regular loading products.
How do I request encashment?
  • Like myLX, you can request for encashment every Wednesday before noon. 
Can I transfer my myTURF earnings to my myLX?
  • No, you can't. myTURF earnings is seperate from myLX earnings. But you can transfer myTURF earnings to another myTURF account. 


TECHNOUSERS can now do loadwallet transfer. They just need to buy the one time activation kit which is Apollo toothpaste or Cefadin Vitamin C. This will enable Technousers to loadwallet transfer to Technousers.

CONSUME at least Php500 worth of myTURF products to qualify you for the 1% to 2% GRO in your loadxtreme. This is the retail sales override from all the Technousers tagged in your Technopreneur.

SMART will come out with special products. The special products will be available at VMobile only through myTURF. People who want to buy these special products can only buy through VMobile or VMobile Technopreneurs and Technousers.
The special products will make it easier for us to sign up more Technopreneurs and more Technousers to join our myTURF program. We don't even have to approach them. They will come to us.
  • Php300 denomination will then get you 30 days unlimited text to all networks.
  • Php500 will give you 30 days unlimited text to all networks, plus 150mins of calls to Smart or 90mins of calls to all networks. This can be used on any SMART sim.
***from VMobile Team Alpha via Miles Gallero

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